FLEX-CUBES are designed to be placed along the Red River Mutual Trail at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. The cubes will be used day and night by the visitors of the trail allowing them to experience the unique spaces formed by the placement of the cubes.

The visitors who are skiers, pedestrians, skaters and bikers can sit on the benches in the ‘seating cube’ and talk with friends for a while; or enjoy and socialize around the fire pit in ‘fire cube’ or just experience a relatively warmer indoor-like ‘pass-thru cube’.

All cubes are detailed to be constructed from precut timber structural elements and covered with translucent plastic curtain strips applied as facade on to the structure. A palette of cost-effective and readily available materials will be put together by local labor and daily tools with ease of fabrication. For further cost efficiency, cubes are designed to be dismantled and reassembled at a different location to allow layouts in ‘attached’ and ‘tunnel-effect’ configurations.

Visitors will enjoy the vivid colors and changing light effect of FLEX-CUBES against the white color of snow as they stroll around the warming huts throughout day and night.