Murat Soygeniş, FAIA, Founding Partner and Principal

Murat Soygeniş, FAIA, an internationally recognized architect and professor, is a founding partner at S+ ARCHITECTURE. His projects and buildings received architectural awards, exhibited and published internationally. He has written and been the subject of books and monographs that are published and some serve as reference architecture books. He has been elevated to the ‘College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects’ based on his significant and lasting contributions to the advancement of the profession of architecture and society. Soygenis is the first and only AIA member who was elected to be a Fellow (FAIA) while practicing in Turkey.

After receiving his architectural education in Istanbul and University at Buffalo, he has worked as a licensed architect in USA and founded his architectural studio in 1990 (Current: S+ ARCHITECTURE). He has served as the Dean of School of Architecture (YTU) and received awards for his contributions to profession.

Soygeniş has given numerous lectures in many countries and participated in exhibitions and juries. His projects have been exhibited at Baltimore AIA Gallery, School of Architecture and Planning Gallery at University at Buffalo, Polytechnic University of Turin, Milan Build Up Expo, House of Architects in Moscow and at universities and municipalities in many cities in Turkey.

Among the books he has written are Yapi 2 / Building Construction 2, Yapi 3 / Building Construction 3, Yapi 4 / Building Construction 4, Yapi 1-2-3-4 / Building Construction 1-2-3-4, Istanbul: Bir Kent Yorumu / An Urban Commentary, Turkiye’de Mimarlik / Architecture in Turkey, Utopias for Istanbul, Mimarlik: Yasamin icinden / Architecture: Through life. His projects were featured in the following publications: Yildiz Bulusmasi / Yildiz Meetings 1999, Ucuncu Mesaj / Third Message, Istanbul icin gorusler / Visions for Istanbul, Yildiz Bulusmasi / Yildiz Meetings 2001, Yildiz Bulusmasi 04 / Yildiz Meetings 04, Bulusmalar 06 Meetings, Architetti ‘americani’ in Europe, Platform for Architecture, Visioning Architecture: The Sketches of Murat Soygeniş.


American Institute of Architects, College of Fellows (FAIA) – Fellow
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) – Chartered Architect
Chamber of Architects of Turkey (UIA) – Professional Member

Collaborators / Project Team Members since 1982

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