Esenboga Airport International and Domestic Terminals

Proposed buildings for Esenboga Airport International and Domestic Terminals comprise of a landside main terminal and three airside satellite terminals – two domestic and one international terminals – connected to the main terminal with a lightrail transit system all serving 10 million passengers a year with the provision of a fourth satellite terminal as future construction to increase the capacity 25% until 2007. Passengers arriving at the new proposed terminal via Esenboga access road enter the main level of landside terminal which is designed to accommodate departing and arriving passengers. Main level of double level terminal can also be reached from parking level – which is one level below the main floor – via escalators. Proposed terminal intend to serve two existing runways and a third runway planned to be built in the future. Main terminal is designed as a transparent techno-box and satellite terminals to be transparent linear blocks all with steel structure, glass exterior skin reflecting lightness and technology of airplane construction. Main terminal, square in plan, have structural modular bays with space frame roof held up by structural steel pylons and suspension cables. All satellite terminals are designed to have 8 passenger loading bridges each with a total of 24 passenger loading bridges with nose-in parking configuration.