Parachute Pavilion

The Parachute Pavilion is designed to be an all-season generator of activities housed under sloped and elevated boardwalk. The new pavilion will not only play a key role in attracting the public to its indoor and outdoor spaces from diverse directions such as from boardwalk, beach, Surf Avenue and parking, but also serve as a major node of attraction in the shadow of the Parachute Jump connecting Surf Avenue, KeySpan Park and parking to Riegelmann Boardwalk, beach and the Steeplechase Pier. The new pavilion will be a meeting place of crowds for beach activities, Mermaid Parade, Siren Festival, rock concerts, mini-marathons and summertime concerts held at KeySpan Park and at the Asser Levy Park Amphitheater. The existing boardwalk will rise to the top of the pavilion via ramps and steps that public will utilize as urban park with views of the Parachute Jump and the beach while enjoying famous hot dogs and a drink.

The architectural design of the proposed pavilion fosters in and out, up and down, around movements of the public at the competition site that will play a major role in drawing the crowds to the pavilion and in generating recreational and commercial activities at this iconic site. The conceptual reasons behind the utilization of sloped and elevated boardwalk surfaces on the roof of the pavilion are firstly to strengthen the existence of Parachute Jump as an iconic landmark by introducing a new pavilion – a low height, roof-like building – to act as an urban park open to public activities; secondly to use a building vocabulary harmonious with the existing boardwalk in terms of the materials, size and form employed. The result is a boardwalk-like pavilion and an urban park to serve Coney Island visitors with its indoor and outdoor spaces.