MAZE is a temporary public pavilion inserted as a node and passage in front of the mural “Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central”, acting as a place for RELAXATION, INTERACTION, EXHIBITION, OBSERVATION and EXPRESSION for the citizens and visitors of CDMX.

MAZE consists of a series of 5 meters by 12 meters walls, they could also be called dissected facades. The voids within the walls are designed carefully to frame specific views. When approached from different axes, MAZE creates a unique experience of promenade while framing the events and vistas around it. Imagining the walls as part of a deconstructed building, MAZE thinks about how the ruins left after the devastating earthquake could be repurposed.

MAZE, inspired by colorful Mexican facades, allows its users to reflect their presence by painting, drawing or writing on wall surfaces and to claim a collective ownership. The wall surfaces also serve as exhibition space during the festival.

MAZE promotes interaction. The openings on the walls provide seating area for communication concurrently allowing visitors to catch the views of the park and the city. The steps between two parallel walls provide various levels for viewing and allowing a different perception of the surroundings, an experience of parallax.

MAZE is a low-cost structure built by standard timber substructure covered with OSB exterior sheathing, painted, all to be recyclable and reusable. It is a free standing structure, and easy to assemble and dismantle with materials from local markets using local labor for assembly.

MAZE serves as an apparatus to experience the city from a different perspective while encapsulating the dynamic and vibrant life of CDMX.