Platform for Architecture: Projects from Many Continents

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Platform for Architecture was an exhibition held by experienced and youthful architects from different parts of the world, one which chiefly aimed to bring together experimental examples. In defining architecture it is clear that experimental and unusual works are considered to be “architecture.” An attempt was made with this exhibition to ensure that it would be made up of projects the aim of which was to be experimental, with an overarching approach that imposed no limitations as to age or place. Concordant with the criteria which the exhibition advisors group believed a project should have if it were to be included, it was specified that projects should be experimental and in line with current practice. Thus, conformant with this aim, the architectural products displayed were projects of an experimental nature from various geographical areas. As suggested by its title, one feature of the exhibition was that it brought together the products of architectural firms from different countries around the world, firms whose approaches differed greatly from one to the other. The projects in the exhibition constituted a cross-section of products by architects active in different regions, and laid no claim to being the most important or most famous examples from the countries they represented. That said, among the projects were examples frequently encountered in the architectural media. Another thing about the architects and their projects was that participants came from a number of continents and various corners of the earth. The fact that the greatest number of participants were from Istanbul, New York, London and Paris should not be taken to mean that, because these cities are world capitals, they produce the greatest number of experimental examples. It would not be apt to attempt making deductions or to reach conclusions from the statistics regarding participation in this exhibition. The latter should, rather, be taken as an architectural platform bringing together experimental examples.

Peter Cook and Murat Soygenis (Introduction by), Platform for Architecture, Aracne editrice, Rome (Italy), April 2011 (ISBN: 978-88-548-4017-1, 12×28 cm, 152 pages)