Mimarlık üzerine düşünceler (Views on architecture)

… Soygenis presented his views on architecture, construction and presented S+ projects.

A conversation with Murat Soygenis

Architecture is a lifelong learning process…

In progress

A mixed-use development.

Mini interview

Environmental sustainability, climate change, global health and the refugee crisis…

Görüşler / Insights

Görüşler: Çevrimiçi Yaz Stajyerleri 2020
Insights: Online Summer Interns 2020

Virtual Internships / Çevrimiçi Staj

Summer / Yaz 2020… Applications closed… Başvurular kapandı…

2020… 2020… 2020…

A’19 AIA Investiture Ceremony 2019

Murat Soygenis has been elevated to Fellowship…

Murat Soygenis elevated to AIA College of Fellows

…due to his significant and lasting contributions to the advancement of the profession of architecture and society.

school of chemical and metallurgical engineering (phase 3)