Awards – Prizes

Prizes in architectural and urban design competitions, project and firm awards (Selected list):

‘Most Innovative Architecture and Urban Design Firm’, Ecological Excellence Awards 2018

‘Notable Mention’ for Flex-Node Project, Costa del Sprawl Competition 2017

‘Highly Commended’ for Devoid Sensation House Project, Multi-Generational Living Competition 2017

‘Architecture Firm of the Year 2017 – Turkey’, Global Awards 2017

‘Best Adaptive Re-use Project: Loft at Kurtulus’, Sustainable Building Awards 2017

‘Top 25 in Eco and Sustainable Building’, Sustainable Building Awards 2017

‘Award for Excellence in Architecture – Turkey’, Architecture Awards 2017

‘B-houses: Best Architectural Mixed-use Project’, Architecture Awards 2017

‘Architectural Design Firm of the Year 2017’, Innovation and Excellence Awards 2017

‘Innovation in Architecture and Interior Design – Turkey’, Architecture Awards 2016

’Best Green Architectural Practice 2016 – Turkey’, Sustainable Building Awards 2016

’Best Sustainable Educational Architectural Project: Elementary School Istanbul’, Sustainable Building Awards 2016

’Innovation and Excellence in Architectural and Urban Design – Turkey’, Innovation and Excellence Awards 2016

’Best Architecture and Urban Design Firm 2015 – Turkey’, Architecture Awards 2015


by the following institutions:

RIBA Journal

Finance Monthly Magazine

BUILD Magazine

Corporate LiveWire